Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Wind, Rain, and Quake

Being woken up at seven AM by your motherinlaw informing you that you are, in essence, trapped in the apartment complex by the transformation of what used to be a dry wash into a swift-moving river is not my general preference. She left work to pick my husband up; she couldn't get back out. The water ran over her windshield.

The rain ended at about eight and was replaced immediately by winds so strong that it sent trashcans flying, ripped boards off fences and dogs staggering against it. I took a walk in it briefly and had the sensation that if I just jumped, I would be blown miles away...

The river is now mostly gone, but the two massive sandbars remain where they were deposited; I'm leery of them because of how low-slung the Escort is.

Cut forward to ten past midnight; nestled against Sol's back, asleep, only to wake up a few seconds before the ground started shaking.

I'm still adrenaline-rushy; seismic activity isn't my favorite way to wake up.

It was centered under Cathedral City, and was 4.3. Considering all the rain lately, I think I was justified about it being a rockslide, or causing one.

So, I'm sitting awake, it's nearly three, and getting treated to a nice bit of paranoia whenever the windows rattle.



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