Sunday, August 21, 2005

Couple of things...

Jackson County man claims abuse in suit over jailing due to signs

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (AP) — A man jailed for contempt for displaying yard signs critical of a Jackson County judge said he had to drink out of a toilet in jail because he was denied food and water.

Phillip Dean of Skyline makes the claim in a suit he filed in federal court against Circuit Judge Wallace Haralson and Sheriff Mike Wells, claiming they illegally imprisoned him on Aug. 18, 2003, because of signs critical of Haralson.


The suit filed Thursday says he was jailed because he made yard signs criticizing Haralson about a custody dispute two years ago between Dean and his ex-wife. The message on one of the signs was, "Our court system is a joke."

The suit says the sheriff told him that "Haralson was angry about the signs and he planned to put plaintiff in jail for 30 days with no bond, no visitors and no phone calls to teach plaintiff a lesson."

Haralson said in March 2004 that he had Dean released after about 12 hours. The judge also said the signs "were so derogatory they couldn't be ignored."

Way to prove Dean right about your court being a joke, man.


Hunter S. Thompson's remains were fired out of a cannon tonight.

RIP, Dr. Gonzo.


They've found the remains of Latoiya Figueroa. Her boyfriend was attempting to dispose of her body when he was caught.

Sympathies to her family and friends. And a hearty "fuck you" to the people spewing racist, classist shit like "she's just an unwed black mother, why should we care?"

Because she had a kid and was pregnant and wasn't yet another endlessly useless story about a blonde teen in Aruba, maybe? Because she's just as good as Holloway and Peterson?

Nah, couldn't be. Pigment and all.


I am very tired and very much in pain and I'm very sick of it.

I'd like to be not pregnant now, please, thanks.

Friday, August 12, 2005

List of featured speakers at Justice Sunday 2

Senator Zell Miller

Tony Perkins
Family Research Council

Dr. James Dobson
(by video tape)
Focus on the Family

Chuck Colson
Prison Fellowship Ministries

Bill Donohue
Catholic League

Phyllis Schlafly
Eagle Forum

Cathy Cleaver Ruse
Family Research Council

Dr. Jerry Sutton
Two Rivers Baptist Church

Bishop Harry Jackson
Hope Christian Church

Ted Haggard
National Association of Evangelicals

Jim Daly
Focus on the Family

Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX)
House Majority Leader

...Just makes me wish for one good meteor strike, y'know?

Friday, August 05, 2005


I'm all for teaching DUH
in America's schools!


Now that I've gotten that over with...

I put up a new essay sure to get me flamed... if anyone ever read my essays, which they don't unless I force them to with a cattle prod. It's about Why Sexual Education Should Be Mandatory, and it's chock full of denigration for parents who think sex is eeevil. Flame away, darlings.

The baby is due a bit over a month from now but we are doubtful that she's going to stay put that long (an hour of back labor last night is a good indicator). So, I'll be writing even less.