Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The *better* review...

"Paroxysm", by Gremlin, is not for the faint of heart. It's bloody, intense, and detailed. It ranges from a paleontological dig in Antarctica to Des Moines, Iowa; from a zombie fansite webmistress to a British professional killer. And oh, man, is it good.

Gremlin is aptly named: He'll get into your psyche, nestle himself down comfortably between a few primal fears, and set to work tearing down your carefully-constructed walls against anxiety. When he's finished, you'll be keeping the lights on in your house too. And that's just from the preview - 119 pages replete with paleontology, foreshadowy bliss, dinosaurs and well-thought-out character development. Oh. And zombies.

Yeah. This is a book about the end of the world as we know it - and Gremlin uses zombies to do it. Thing is, these zombies are all too possible - which makes them triply terrifying. "28 Days Later" scared me, but it was the leap-out-of-your-seat-at-the-boo variety of shocker. This has a measured pace. It's stately and elegant and has the same feel as an anticipated car wreck.

It's a solid story. Buy it. Read it. Enjoy it - and then make sure your electricity bill is paid in full. This is not a book you want to read before being plunged into darkness.
Paroxysm, by Gremlin. $29.99 via Wasted, Inc.