Saturday, March 18, 2006

You know, I spent some time recently thinking about the Haidl case and why it inspired just so much rage in me.

I had my own four-year pair of trials. Difference was, it was for molestation. And I was all of 7 years old when I was molested.

Didn't stop the defense attorney from saying I tried to seduce his client, that I was "sexually inclined" (at seven!), or that my mother was, at base, a whore.

I hadn't even had my first period when I was molested. I hadn't even started wearing a training bra.

I think a lot of people believe (and want to believe, and how I wish I could join them) that the tactics used by Scumbag Cavallo and Company are rare, and outre`, and not common.

I wish.

I was twelve when my molestor was finally convicted (and he had done this before, by the way) and sent to jail for three years. Why did it take so long?

The first jury was hung. Why?

Partly because of a fuckup on the part of my therapist, but largely because...

Drumroll please...

One guy. One old, toothless, angry old fuck decided /I must be a whore/.

At seven.

When my mother told me that the first jury was hung, I asked her "it was that guy who hates me, wasn't it?"

And I was right. He had stared at me with rage and hatred in his eyes.

You want, I want, to believe this sort of thing is rare.

We want to believe that it's limited to cases where the attorneys are being paid far too much to protect their clients.

It isn't.

It's not even limited to cases where the victim can perform long division.

I was lucky, by the way; my parents and my teacher supported me, and the man who prosecuted the trial both times believed me (and Ron, I still owe you).

The girls that my molestor had victimized before me were not so lucky - there were two of them, and one had her parents refuse to press charges. The other, the police didn't even bother to take a report.

By the time I met them, they were adults. Molestors don't stop molesting because they get older. It is not a phase.

I found the defense attorney on google, by the way. I have sometimes wondered what he would say to me now.

I wonder, if he was defending someone who molested my daughters...

...Would he call my daughters whores?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Thanks a lot, Sandra Day!

So, we've got Alito and Roberts in. Abortion's about to be lost as a right for women, birth control's under constant attack.

And here comes little Mrs. O'Connor.

"Statutes and constitutions do not protect judicial independence - people do," the retired supreme court justice said."

Well, thanks a lot.

You know, Sandy - can I call you Sandy? Thanks - it's great that you recognise that now, rather than WHEN IT WOULD HAVE DONE US A BIT OF GOOD - either right before you retired, or, you know, before you put the Chimp in office to begin with.

You retired, great. You could have waited three fucking years rather than retire, and basically sell half the population of the country into indentured servitude.

You're enlightened now? That's wonderful. Too bad it's too fucking late for those of us who don't have the money to escape the hellhole you've damned us to.

So, whose payroll are you on, and what country are you running to when it comes time, Sandy?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Several things.

Sorry about the long time with no updates.

First off, a song.

I've been playing SecondLife... incessantly. Mad about a woman there. Things are good. My artwork is selling. I'm enjoying myself far too much. (If you want to join, my ID is Phedre Aquitaine.)

Roe v. Wade is up in the air. I've realized that anti-choicers view women as wombs on legs, unworthy of attention, note or acknowledgement. Of course, they don't give a shit about the kids they profess to care about - once you've touched a vagina, apparently, going out or in, you're shit. It's not just the impending possibility of indentured servitude for those of us with a uterus; look at the wars over BC, EC, RU-486 - anything that provides women with the choice not to be bred is a target.

I hate this country.