Sunday, April 23, 2006

Strangely, cruelty is preferable to indifference. At least cruelty implies that you give a damn.
Fuck. Fuck fuck FUCK.

Spent an hour in the car with a short story in my head.

Now I'm sitting in a hotel room in Las Cruces, NM, and... I can't get it down. Not a word.


EVERYTHING has gone to shit since about a week ago. I give up.

Won't be on nearly as much. Rhiannon is very demanding. We get to see her meet Medea tomorrow.

Yay. ^_^

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Most disgusting scam-spam ever...

Adopt Child Uk

Hello honest deaf,

My name is Rose Williams i work for the uk deaf manchester, i will really love to pass this information to you. Which i know i am convinced that you are really willing to take good care of 3 years old kids both boys .

Their mother and father came from unknown area and they live in 3 months ago their parents die and they left the some of 3,million pounds with the Uk deaf Finance
Department, which is Equivalent to $6,000,000.00. The 2 deafs kids are been admitted in the hospital were doctor Benedict is taking good care of them because they were included in the accident that happen few months back, to God be the glory that they were not dead like their parents.we shall love a good honest deaf or woman who can acept the2 kids and take good care of them and after 2 months the uk government
will always come to check after them..and such that person will be given the
3million pounds to take good care of the kids.Please write me back if you are intrested so that we can proceed towards securing you all the documents.

Best Regards
Rose Williams

Monday, April 03, 2006

Fun with Scamboy

Well, a late-night bit of chat came up with this - please note that it's unedited.

rohan_rebello2001: can anyone help me to save my mom by helping me collect funds to pay the docs for a operation,please .

I'm a sweet, caring sort. I figured I'd PM him, right?

Rowan_Ste_Julian: tell me, what country are you from?
rohan_rebello2001: indiaaaaa
Rowan_Ste_Julian: Ah.
Rowan_Ste_Julian: What's wrong with your mom?
rohan_rebello2001: she has brain tumor
Rowan_Ste_Julian: Oh? What kind?
rohan_rebello2001: she needs to undergo a operation
Rowan_Ste_Julian: So you said; what kind of brain tumor?
rohan_rebello2001: she has her left side brain filled with gereline worms
rohan_rebello2001: gotta operate her to get those worms cleaned
rohan_rebello2001: or else she will die
Rowan_Ste_Julian: *raises a brow*
Rowan_Ste_Julian: Uh huh.
Rowan_Ste_Julian: Brain worms. Tragic.
rohan_rebello2001: yes
rohan_rebello2001: i tooo was shocked
Rowan_Ste_Julian: Do you have a paypal address? I will send you money via paypal.
rohan_rebello2001: can u send it to western union
Rowan_Ste_Julian: Alas, no... too easy to get it picked up by some scammer.
rohan_rebello2001: not possible
Rowan_Ste_Julian: Then I can't help you.
Rowan_Ste_Julian: By the way, there's NO SUCH FUCKING THING AS BRAIN WORMS.
rohan_rebello2001: just send me ur transaction no
Rowan_Ste_Julian: You fucking lameass wannabe con artist.
rohan_rebello2001: u cant help its ..ok
Rowan_Ste_Julian: No, I'm not /stupid/. There's a difference.
rohan_rebello2001: u r also a donkey
Rowan_Ste_Julian: I'm /still/ laughing at you. "Brain worms".
rohan_rebello2001: u dont know what a mom means
rohan_rebello2001: ask someone
rohan_rebello2001: whats brain tumor

Brain worms. I'm going to laugh until I pee, I swear. Oh, and just in case you were wondering - India has nationalised health care.