Monday, April 03, 2006

Fun with Scamboy

Well, a late-night bit of chat came up with this - please note that it's unedited.

rohan_rebello2001: can anyone help me to save my mom by helping me collect funds to pay the docs for a operation,please .

I'm a sweet, caring sort. I figured I'd PM him, right?

Rowan_Ste_Julian: tell me, what country are you from?
rohan_rebello2001: indiaaaaa
Rowan_Ste_Julian: Ah.
Rowan_Ste_Julian: What's wrong with your mom?
rohan_rebello2001: she has brain tumor
Rowan_Ste_Julian: Oh? What kind?
rohan_rebello2001: she needs to undergo a operation
Rowan_Ste_Julian: So you said; what kind of brain tumor?
rohan_rebello2001: she has her left side brain filled with gereline worms
rohan_rebello2001: gotta operate her to get those worms cleaned
rohan_rebello2001: or else she will die
Rowan_Ste_Julian: *raises a brow*
Rowan_Ste_Julian: Uh huh.
Rowan_Ste_Julian: Brain worms. Tragic.
rohan_rebello2001: yes
rohan_rebello2001: i tooo was shocked
Rowan_Ste_Julian: Do you have a paypal address? I will send you money via paypal.
rohan_rebello2001: can u send it to western union
Rowan_Ste_Julian: Alas, no... too easy to get it picked up by some scammer.
rohan_rebello2001: not possible
Rowan_Ste_Julian: Then I can't help you.
Rowan_Ste_Julian: By the way, there's NO SUCH FUCKING THING AS BRAIN WORMS.
rohan_rebello2001: just send me ur transaction no
Rowan_Ste_Julian: You fucking lameass wannabe con artist.
rohan_rebello2001: u cant help its ..ok
Rowan_Ste_Julian: No, I'm not /stupid/. There's a difference.
rohan_rebello2001: u r also a donkey
Rowan_Ste_Julian: I'm /still/ laughing at you. "Brain worms".
rohan_rebello2001: u dont know what a mom means
rohan_rebello2001: ask someone
rohan_rebello2001: whats brain tumor

Brain worms. I'm going to laugh until I pee, I swear. Oh, and just in case you were wondering - India has nationalised health care.


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