Saturday, April 15, 2006

Most disgusting scam-spam ever...

Adopt Child Uk

Hello honest deaf,

My name is Rose Williams i work for the uk deaf manchester, i will really love to pass this information to you. Which i know i am convinced that you are really willing to take good care of 3 years old kids both boys .

Their mother and father came from unknown area and they live in 3 months ago their parents die and they left the some of 3,million pounds with the Uk deaf Finance
Department, which is Equivalent to $6,000,000.00. The 2 deafs kids are been admitted in the hospital were doctor Benedict is taking good care of them because they were included in the accident that happen few months back, to God be the glory that they were not dead like their parents.we shall love a good honest deaf or woman who can acept the2 kids and take good care of them and after 2 months the uk government
will always come to check after them..and such that person will be given the
3million pounds to take good care of the kids.Please write me back if you are intrested so that we can proceed towards securing you all the documents.

Best Regards
Rose Williams


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