Monday, May 22, 2006

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Honoring our troops - Uh, sure.

So, Congress has apparently passed a bill to prevent demonstrations outside funerals under the guise of "honoring our soldiers". Great, just great. Let's not even bother to mention they didn't care when Phelps and his brood of toxic slugs were harrassing the families of dead gays and lesbians. (After all, they aren't important, are they?)

No, what really has me seething right now is the fact that these... I cannot think of a polite word for the people who passed this bill. These politicians have decided to mince about shouting their support for the troops while military personnel who develop PTSD or are MAIMED are discarded casually, like broken toys by a spoiled brat.

This is real, this is happening. These are people who don't conveniently die, so they can be turned into perfect, dead, unquestioning martyrs for the state, paraded about in our lives to try to silence dissent against the actions of this administration. Our culture is so unhealthy regarding death, with our posthumous polishing of the dead, all sins forgiven, all flaws forgotten - it makes it even easier to wrap yourself in their corpses to justify your abuses than using the flag.

They don't care. This is just election-year posturing by people who probably don't have the wits to know their days in power are numbered. This is the equivalent of having a yellow ribbon on your gas-guzzling SUV.

This isn't supporting the troops. This is political masturbation and I can only hope that the people who voted for it lose their power this year; it's surely too much to hope that they have any guilt for dancing in the bones of those they helped to kill.